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Breastfeeding Tee

Breastfeeding Tee

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How ever long or short a woman’s breastfeeding journey is her business. If she decides to breastfeed in Target, that’s her business. If she decides to breastfeed at a restaurant, that’s her business. Moral of the story: Stay outta grown folk business, especially when it comes to a woman breastfeeding her child.

100% ring spun cotton.

Size Guide

Unisex XS = Men's XS = Women's =S
Unisex S = Men's S = Women's =M
Unisex M = Men's M = Women's =L
Unisex L = Men's L = Women's =XL
Unisex XL = Men's XL = Women's =XXL
Unisex XXL = Men's XXL = Women's =XXXL


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