Dinosaur Square Puzzle


Dino lover on your hands? Our Dinosaur Square is just for you! Sit down with your little one and watch in awe as the picture comes together. Piece by piece, the lava will erupt from a volcano, our friend Tea will zip through the sky on the back of a pterodactyl, all while our friend, Theo swings from a Brontosaurus’ mouth with glee! And as always, the characters in this puzzle represent the beauty of the Black diaspora—our children are explorers, animal lovers, and nature adventurers too! From the warm smell of the wood to the beautiful design of the puzzle, your Dinosaur Square puzzle is made to be treasured with 24 pieces made of high quality materials. Whether it’s a cozy way to spend a rainy morning or a new playdate activity, you and your little one will get love getting lost in Dinosaur Square.

Each puzzle comes with an 100% muslin cotton bag to store the pieces.