Baby Silicone Bib in Cocoa


This Silicone Bib in Cocoa is adjustable and waterproof, making mealtime easy and mess-free. Its soft yet durable silicone is FDA-approved and free of BPA, ensuring that your baby will remain safe and healthy. Clean-up is also a breeze, making this the ideal bib for a busy parent.

Designed for children from 6-36 months old, our durable solid bibs are a charming and easy solution for your little eater. This soft, silicone shield features a wide, stay-open front pocket that protects your child’s outfit from stains, drips, and messy accidents with ease. Made from 100% waterproof, food-grade, and stain-resistant silicone, this bib deflects water or food and keeps your cheeky eater clean and dry.


  • Adjustable bib, waterproof, easy to clean, and carry
  • Anti-bacterial, BPA-free, PVC-free, food-grade FDA silicone
  • Features an adjustable button closure

Material: 100% soft silicone

Cleaning tip: Hand washes with soap and water. Also, top-drawer dishwasher-safe