For the Love of Black Coloring Book


"For the Love of Black: A Culture & Style Coloring Book," is where art meets culture, confidence, and style. Get out your creams, deep browns, and honey melanin-colored crayons. You're going to need them for this unique black coloring book experience! Pull yourself and your kids away from their screens and immerse yourselves in this diverse collection of illustrations and line art, illustrated by Brejenn Allen. 

Have you seen representation in coloring books that celebrates the richness and beauty of African American pop culture?

"For the Love of Black" is a black culture coloring book with 25 unique coloring sheets for all ages and genders! It's the perfect tool for empowering black people and teaching non-black kids about black culture and how to appreciate it respectfully. Each page captures the essence of our culture, featuring stunning designs of bamboo hoops, our many hairstyles, sneakerheads with style, and more content that honor our heritage and inspire self-expression.

Coloring this book is proven to: 

🤎 Decrease anxiety & stress

🤎 Increase mindfulness & focus

🤎 Improve motor skills in children

🤎 Pull you away from your screens & devices

🤎 Develop confidence in black culture!

Decrease your anxiety and stress by coloring confidence-boosting mantras, bold fashion statements, and iconic symbols representing our diverse community. From sneakerhead style to breathtaking afros, this empowering coloring book encapsulates the essence of Black excellence and Black style.

Whether you're a coloring enthusiast, an art lover, or simply seeking a meaningful way to celebrate our culture, "For the Love of Black" is for all skill levels. Unleash your creativity, uplift your spirit, and pay homage to the beauty of our community through the power of color.

From the artist:

"I created this book for my mom and sister, a therapist and 5th-grade teacher in the public school system who work with predominately black youth. They needed something to uplift them, keep them occupied, and didn't involve a screen. It turns out it's also great for adults too!"