Little Royals Puzzle


Featuring six princes and princesses, with varied hair styles, skin tones, and body types that reflect the Black diaspora, the Little Royals puzzle will strengthen your child’s perseverance and problem-solving skills as they put the pieces together. Watch the joy on your little one's face as they take in the sumptuous crowns and gowns of the Little Royals and hear their exclamations of joy as they shout, “That one looks like me!"

From the warm smell of the wood to the beautiful design of the puzzle, your Little Royals puzzle is made to be treasured with 24 pieces made of high quality natural materials. Whether it’s a cozy way to spend a rainy morning or a new playdate activity, you and your little one will get love reigning with the Little Royals.

Each puzzle comes with an 100% muslin cotton bag to store the pieces.